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Motorcycle - "CYCLONE"


A  single-track all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is a 2wheels low-pressure tires motorcycle with both wheels drive system.


The ATV is designed for a single person transportation carrying up to 100kg cargo or 2 persons ride in highland and plain areas, soft grounds,  marshland and moderate snowpack.


Due to its all wheel-drive and small size the ATV can easily climb 70% upgrades,  uphill slopes, override complex areas, tree barriers and to rideon an azimuth in forests. Herewith asphaltic/   concrete road travel at speed up to 55 km/h does not cause any increased wear-out of the ATV. Thus the ATV will be indispensable for transportation of a person with the pack and load in hard conditions for considerable distances. The ATV will help much in patrolling, search and rescue etc. The ATV is equipped with a low-noise single-cylinder 4-stoke engine with forced air-cooling. It runs on gasoline 92, ignition - electronic breakerless independent on the main alternator. Due to electrical starter motor and battery's absence the durability of the ATV is increased. Fuel tank of 8 liter capacity and fuel consumption of 3 litre/100km secure 250km ride even moving on earth-roads. The frame is of a half-duplex type  with a rigid suspension of the rare wheel. the frame is made of a seamless cold-drawn steel tube. The length of the frame and the base of ATV are designed to provide safety in motion upgrade and downhill at considerable falls. The rare luggage platform is integrated into the frame and can bare hard burden.  At present the model is equipped with the front rigid fork which is installed on taper bearings inside the steering tube (a lever-type suspension fork is at testing now and will be offered soon).


Steering arrangement is of a motorcycle type, infinitely variable transmission let the rider to control ATV  only with an accelerator lever and brake lever both installed on the handlebar. Low center of gravity and wide tires provide movement even at a very low speed keeping balance (without resting on legs). Infinitely variable transmission allows to transfer torque smoothly and proportionally to the wheels avoiding kicks at take-off and shutdown of the transmission while moving on weak grounds such as sand, snow etc. The transmission is additionally equipped with an exclusive 3 gears' transfer box providing increase of torques and simultaneous division of the last for the front and rare wheels. 1 gear increases torque  by 3.6; 2 gear by 2,3 and 3 gear - by 1.3.  Increase of the torque slows down the speed and as a result of this the minimum speed of stable motion of ATV is less than 3 km/h. All the above said advance much to cross-country abilities, reliability and operability of the ATV in the off-road conditions.



  • Type: 4-stroke gasoline
  • Cooling: air forced
  • Displacement: 200 cubic cm
  • Power: 6,5 HP
  • Engine start: Manual (electrical starter - option)



  • Type: Infinitely variable transmission
  • Transfer case: 3 gears (1 gear - low, 2 gear - low, 3 gear - direct)



  • Size 26x10x12 (Diameter 64sm, width 26cm)
  • Tubeless tires
  • Discs: alloy wheel/alloy hollow with extra content for liquids (up to 20 liters)



  • Front: disk brakes/hydraulic (option)
  • Rare: disk brakes/hydraulic (option)


Weight and Dimensions:

  • Unladen (Curb) Weight: 110kg
  • Fully Loaded Weight: 310kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) mm: 2000x400x1100 (handlebar 750mm)



  • Fuel Consumption: 3 liters per 100km
  • Maximum safe load: 200kg
  • Fuel tank: 8 liters
  • Maximum speed: 55 km/h


Wheel Suspension:

  • Front: Rigid/ absorber levered suspension (option)
  • Rare: Rigid suspension



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